What is Dharma? In short, it's your life's purpose. It's living in harmony with what you've been called to do. It's serving others with your unique gifts. It's getting in touch with your heart's inner-knowing and sharing that happiness in a way that only you can.

So why me? Why here? Why now?

Well, I'm a mom, a yoga instructor, a businesswoman, a soccer commissioner, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a lover... and one day recently I found myself saying, "I used to be a writer."

Talk about a wake-up call. The one thing I've known all my life is that I. Am. A. Writer. So here it is... my journey to rekindle that love for writing, and fulfill my dharma of changing the world for the better, through my written words. I hope it speaks to your soul and inspires you to live your own dharma.

At the very least, you'll learn a bit more about how integrating the teachings of yoga into my daily life helps me to show up as a better version of myself for my loved ones.