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Seeds of Good Will and Roots of Wisdom: Cultivating Right Intention

Table of Contents


Part I: The Seeds of Intention

  1. Good Will: The Heart of Right Intention
    – Quote from the Buddha on benevolence
    – Details: Cultivating thoughts of loving kindness
    – Sensory experience: Feeling the warmth of good will in the heart
    – Practice: Visually radiating good will to all beings
  2. Renunciation and Release
    – Quote: “Let go with an open hand.”
    – Metaphor: Right Intention lets go of what doesn’t serve
    – Story: Remembering an experience of joyful renunciation
    – First steps: Cultivating attitudes of harmlessness and non-grasping
  3. The Paradox of Non-Attachment
    – Simile: Right Intention is like a cloud in the sky
    – Quotes: The Middle Way of “wise detachment”
    – Personal example: An intention you came to release for the highest good
    – Wisdom: Knowing when to hold on and when to let go

Part II: Growing the Roots of Intention

  1. Cultivating the Ground Within
    • Visualize: Preparing the soil of the heart
      – Details: Daily practices that nurture good intentions
    • Transforming negativity: Difficult emotions as fertilizer
    • Story: An old teacher tending the inner garden
  2. Watering the Seeds Continually
    – Quotes: The power of perseverance
    • Metaphor: Right Intention watered by mindfulness
    • Concrete action: How to nurture intentions in daily life
    • Experience: Keeping intentions alive through changes in circumstances
  3. Being The Change You Seek to Bring About
    – Quote: “Be the change.”
    – Simile: Right Intention transforms “from the inside out”
    – Story: Role model who embodied Right Intention
    – Challenge: Walking your talk

Part III: Bearing the Fruit of Intention

  1. Freedom Through Daily Living
    • Quote from the Dhammapada: “With thoughts free from attachment…”
    • Sensory experience: The lightness and ease of Right Intention
    • Practice: How to bring intentions into each situation
    • Personal story: A moment of freedom born of good will
  2. Joy in Serving Others
    – Quote: “True joy comes from serving others.”
    – Concrete example: Helping another selflessly
    – Metaphor: Loving kindness flowers from seeds of good will
    – Gratitude: Appreciation for all who have served our highest good
  3. Uniting All Beings Through Intention
    – Vision: Seeing all intentions as interwoven
    • Quotes: “May all beings be happy, peaceful and free.”
    • Invocation: Aligning intentions with the highest good of all
    • Practice: How to bring harmony to conflicting intentions between people

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