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Verses for Daily Activities

Touching the Earth
My hand meets solid ground,
Separation dissolves,
Life springs from one source,
Spirit embraces spirit.

Looking at Your Hand
Skin covers form within form,
Holding infinity within,
Hands that give and receive,
Windows of the divine.

Hearing the Bell
Sound awakens my self,
The ringer and the rung merge,
The bell calls me back
To timeless presence.

Using the Telephone
Voices arise from silence,
Here and there become one,
Contact beyond form,
Spirit speaks to spirit.

Turning on the Television
Flickering images dance,
Teaching emptiness of self,
The screen reflects true nature,
Mirror of the real.

Turning on the Computer
Thoughts become forms
Temporary constructions,
Teaching impermanence,
Pointing to the formless.

Cleaning the Baathroom
Impurities wash away,
Clutter falls from within,
Simplicity renewed,
Essence revealed.

Dust gathers and scatters,
The broom reminds me:
All arises and ceases,
Only stillness remains.

Watering the Garden
Life springs from one source,
Diversity within oneness,
Flowers remind me
Beauty is within.

Seed touches soil,
Taking root within,
Growing into itself,
Blossoming from within.

Picking a Flower
Petals fall one by one,
Teaching impermanence,
Fragrance arises from emptiness,
Beauty points beyond.

Arranging Flowers
Forms arise from formlessness,
Flames of fragile beauty,
Celebrating the dance
Of life and death.

Smiling At Your Anger
Anger burns but does not consume,
Hatred hurts the hater,
Wisdom knows anger as illusion,
Compassion smiles gently.

Washing Feet
Water cleanses skin,
Washing away impurities,
Freeing me to walk again
The path of love.

Driving the Car
Steering wheel in hand,
Feet dance to the rhythm,
Riding waves of spacetime,
Surrendering to the flow.

Old forms return to elements,
Particles meet and part again,
Teaching impermanence,
Pointing beyond form.

Ending the Day
The flame of day dies down,
Shadows gather and fall away,
Eternal light shines within,
Beyond time’s rising and ceasing.

Body follows breath
Mind follows body
Thoughts fall away
Spirit moves within

Mind meets the page
Words rise and fall
Knowledge points beyond
Wisdom glows within

Listening to Music
Notes dance in space
Melody rises from silence
Rhythm guides my breath
Harmony rings within

Each step on sacred earth
Breath teaches patience
Body dances into stillness
Spirit awakens within

The mind attends
Thoughts come and go
Knowledge reveals ignorance
Wisdom dawns from within

Listening to Music
Sounds merge and part
Melody reminds me
Harmonies arise from one source
Silence sings within

Body follows breath
Heart opens within contractions
Strength found in surrender
spirit free to move

Mind rests on page
Thoughts come, thoughts go
Clarity revealed within confusion
Wisdom dawns from stillness

Listening to Music
Notes rise and fall
Melody dances in space
Harmony reminds me
Silence sings within

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