Dharma Mom

Verses for Eating Mindfully

Washing Vegetables
Water cleanses the surface,
Washing away ignorance,
Revealing essence within,
True nature shining through.

Looking at Your Empty Bowl
Container of emptiness,
Ready to be filled,
Beyond names and forms,
Bowl of enlightenment.

Serving Food
I offer what I am,
With gratitude I receive,
All separation melts away,
Gift of the present moment.

Looking at Your Plate
Forms arise and perish,
Food for spirit and flesh,
Eating with mindfulness,
Nourishment for awakening.

The Five Contemplations
Food, the fruit of hard work
Accept this gift with care
Eat with moderation
For well-being of all beings.

Beginning to Eat
I transform elements into being,
Awakening to each sense,
The chewer and the chewed
Become one taste.

Finishing Your Meal
The plate is empty once more,
Clutter washed away,
Fullness opens to space,
Contentment fills the heart.

Washing the Dishes
I return elements to elements,
Cleaning away particles of self,
All separates merge again
Into eternity’s dance.

Drinking Tea
Steam rises from the cup,
Fragrance awakens me,
With each sip I let go,
Rejoining the stream of life.

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