Dharma Mom

Verses for Meditation pt. 2

  1. Following the Breath
    Breathing in, I calm my mind
    Breathing out, I feel divine
    May each breath, a chance to find
    Peace within, and leave all behind
  2. Morning Meditation
    A new day dawns, a chance to start
    With a peaceful mind and open heart
    May every moment, a work of art
    In the present, I find my part
  3. Entering the Meditation Room
    Entering this sacred space
    A chance to find my inner grace
    May peace and love fill this place
    And each moment, a chance to embrace
  4. Lighting a Candle
    With each flame, a light ignites
    Illuminating the room, dispelling fright
    May each candle, a chance to unite
    The world in peace, love, and light
  5. Offering Incense
    With each stick, a fragrant scent
    Filling the room, a peaceful vent
    May every offering, a chance to connect
    With the Buddha’s teachings, and reflect
  6. Praising Buddha
    With each prayer, I offer praise
    To the Buddha’s teachings, and his ways
    May every word, a chance to amaze
    And guide me on my path, always
  7. Sitting Down
    Sitting in stillness, I find my seat
    Breathing in, my mind finds retreat
    May every moment, a chance to meet
    My true self, and find inner peace complete
  8. Inviting the Bell
    With each ring, a clear sound
    Echoes through the room, all around
    May every chime, a chance to astound
    And bring peace and joy, profound
  9. Listening to the Bell
    With each ring, a peaceful tone
    Filling the room, a sacred zone
    May every moment, a chance to hone
    My mind, and find a peaceful home
  10. Letting Go
    With each breath, I let go
    Of worries and fears, letting flow
    May every release, a chance to bestow
    Peace and love, and let them grow
  11. Adjusting Your Posture
    With each adjustment, I find ease
    A comfortable position, to meditate with ease
    May every moment, a chance to seize
    And find inner peace, and release
  12. Hugging Meditation
    With each hug, I feel love
    A warm embrace, from above
    May every moment, a chance to discover
    The love within, and uncover
  13. Cleaning the Meditation Room
    With each sweep, a clean slate
    A purified space, to meditate
    May every action, a chance to create
    A pure and loving state
  14. Walking Meditation
    With each step, I find my ground
    Feeling the earth, a peaceful sound
    May every stride, a chance to surround
    Myself with peace, and love profound.

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