Dharma Mom

Verses for Meditation

Following the Breath
My mind follows each rise and fall
Like waves lapping the shore,
Returning again and again
To the ocean of stillness within.

Morning Meditation
The dawn calls me within
To the temple of silence,
Where the light of true nature
Shines beyond words.

Entering the Meditation Room
I bow to the sacred space,
Dust of delusion falls away,
My true self awaits within
The altar of stillness.

Lighting a Candle
Flame lights the shadows,
Illuminating emptiness,
Revealing the one
Who lights all lamps.

Offering Incense
Fragrant smoke rises,
Carrying prayers of longing,
Seeking reunion
With essence of all.

Praising Buddha
I bow to the perfect one within,
Mirror of awakened nature,
Light that illumines
The path to liberation.

Sitting Down
I rest in the stillness,
Body dissolved into air,
Mind surrendered to now,
Spirit awakens within.

Inviting the Bell
The sound calls me back
To timeless presence,
Where past and future
Merge into now.

Listening to the Bell
Bell rings in the silence,
Breaking attachments,
Waking me up
To eternal nature.

Letting Go
Thoughts float by like clouds,
Emotions rise and fall,
The watcher remains,
Unmoved at the center.

Adjusting Your Posture
Body aligns with spirit,
Heart opens like a lotus,
Mind stilled in radiant calm,
Soul at peace within.

Hugging Meditation
I embrace the present moment,
Holding thoughts gently,
Feelings welcomed like old friends,
Body loved into stillness.

Cleaning the Meditation Room
Dust and dirt fall away,
Leaving only clarity,
The space within
Reveals true nature.

Walking Meditation
Each step on sacred ground,
Mindful of rising and falling,
The walk itself is liberation,
Path and traveler are one.

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